Discovering Italy! Pompei, Sorrento, Amalfi Coast, Capri, Positano, Rome

Wow!! What an amazing world we have out there and there's so much more to explore. After exploring my way through southern Italy, I realized, Houston Texas is just a " Tiny Place" that I live in this huge & awesome world!!

My Trip started with Pompei to Sorrento ( Amalfi Coast, Positano, Island of Capri) then finished off in Rome.... - Eye opener and reality check! How did they build all that structure? So many beautiful Paintings, stone, tombs, statues, ruins. much history. I explored for days...It's a must see. I get so inspired and in Awe of what new plants/flowers, art, colors which always inspires me when looking at my work and designs.  Traveling opens the mind and eyes to the unexplored vision and always educates one's view of what it could be.  I love bringing this back to my " Tiny Place" and sharing it with my family, friends & clients. There's a whole lot of " Awesomeness" going on...So, make that trip & mark whatever it is on your Bucket List " OFF"...Open your mind to a new culture, it will then open your eyes to the unknown, then fear will vanish and Life Begins:) Loving My Planet and all things created!!    






In Love With Peonies

My Favorite flower is the Peony!  I can say that I do not have a green thumb whatsoever...I leave that up to my sister. Her yard is always full of colorful blooms, plants etc...

So, one day at a grocery store I saw a bag of peony bulbs and thought to myself.....I wonder if I can grow them in my backyard? I found a good spot, grabbed a shovel, all-purpose soil and dug a hole and planted my bulbs....I was shocked when I came back out a week later to check on my babies and WOW...they are growing.....Here they are .... all three bulbs have shot up from the ground...we shall see what happens next....

New York, New York....

Every year I look so forward to seeing the windows at Saks, Lord & Taylor, Macy's, Bergdorf and so many others...And every year I am in a trance walking from window to window admiring the work of New York's amazing designers....Dressing one of these windows would be a dream come true. Seeing my lovely NYC friends is always a plus!!

Creating new memories with my " Ghoul Friends"

Halloween has come and gone and the memories I will forever cherish. Silly costumes, laughter, hanging with the little ghouls & goblins. The best part of it all, is seeing everyone's inner creativity shine! It's just a happy feeling!  

Mother Nature's Beauties..

I love looking out my window and scanning my backyard for something beautiful to place in my arrangements. Today, I ventured out into my sister's back yard and found these gorgeous goodies....Now, the fun begins...